irtual Private Network (VPN)

Corporate communication networks have traditionally been built using dedicated, leased wire line and wireless media. However, the complexity of such communication media and the expense involved rule this out for many organizations. At the same time, the increasing use of Internet by corporations, the economies offered by this global network and the associated flexibility of communications have made this a serious alternative for corporate communications. 

A pioneering effort in the country, Percham Capability Networks' VPN service offers a secure and cost efficient means to establish corporate networks, keeping traveling executives in touch with data center applications, enabling legacy applications to become Internet-aware and helping companies create their own private networks over Percham Capability Networks' backbone. 

Percham Capability Networks' VPN service makes this possible by creating secure tunnels to link a company's physically dispersed locations, efficiently and cost effectively, while keeping the access and management control within the company's IT department.


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