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Percham team brings over 22 years of Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) designs, architectures, drawings, specifications, developments, Life Cycle Management (LCM), configurations, testing and reporting of IM/IT equipments and systems experience in the financial, government and IM/IT services sector. After founding company in 1995, the founder established software development and Internetworking team, which included Software Developers, System Engineers and Network Engineers.

The team current responsibilities include strategic planning, design, analysis, procurement, marketing strategies, new product development and operations management, project management and planning as a project leader as well as a team member, IM/IT Systems, Network Communication Infrastructures and System Operations.

The team has extensive experience in Project Management Processes: Project Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resources (HR) Management, Communications Management, Risk Management and Procurement Management, which complements its project management experience for one of more than $72M (Canadian) Government of Canada (GoC) capital projects. The team has excellent working experience being members of: Project Planning Process Group, Project Execution Process Group and Project Monitoring and Controlling Process Group; experience of Project Management Phases: Definition, Design, Implementation, Equipment Procurement, Interim Operational Capability (IOC), Full Operational Capability (FOC), Transition, Steady Statement Man agent (SSM) and Project Closure; experience in the development and updating of Project Management Documents: Project Charter, Project Profile Risk Assessment (PPRA), Threat Risk Assessment (TRA), Project Management Plan (PMP), Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), Project Timeline, Project Schedule in MS Project, Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Plan & Schedule, Project Directive, National Master Specification and Project Closure Report, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Identification as well as Management and identification as well as recording of Lesson Learned database; experience in development and updating of IM/IT Concept of Operation (CONOPS), System Management Plan (SMP), IM/IT Systems Workflow, IM/IT Statement of Requirements (SORs), IM/IT Engineering Design, IM/IT Specifications, IM/IT Operations, Integration of different Industry Standard IM/IT technologies and IM/IT Steady State Management (SSM) Plan and Information Technology Infrastructure Library, (ITIL) framework which includes: (a) Service Support which includes Configuration Management, Incident/Problem Management, Service Desk, Change Management and Release Management and (b) Service Delivery which includes Service Level Management, Capacity Management, Continuity Management, Availability Management and Financial Management.

The team also has cutting software development experience including coding, debugging, and testing. The team is involved on some of the complex projects, which include developing complex software solutions, databases connectivity, and interfaces in an n-tier environment for applications. The team gains experience in different software development life cycle methodologies while invovling in different projects from conception to comopletion enusring that all project milestones and customer expectations at met. The team promotes a positive and productive work environment and creates a clear and effective communication dialog between customer and team members, which is a key for the successful project.

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